Jauch announces a new Tuning Fork Crystal:
The SMQ32SN is a very small size SMD crystal which is only offered at a frequency of 32.7680 kHz. 
The seam sealed ceramic metal package contains a highly reliable and heat resistant tuning fork crystal.
A special photolithographic manufacturing process is used in order to reduce the blank size and to improve the electrical parameters. 
The SMQ32SN is specially designed for a very low power consumption and for smallest package size.
It is optimized for industrial-, telecom-, consumer- and portable electronic applications and is especially
adapted for RTC´s or ultra-low-power microcontroller applications.
The SMQ32SN may typically be used for battery powered applications to feed real time clock devices (RTC).
It is ideal for use in battery operated devices where reduced standby energy consumption is critical.
Another advantage is the possibility of EMI shielding by grounding the metal lid in order to reduce the EMI radiation in critical applications.
The SMQ32SN is available for the standard-operating temperature range from  -20°C ~ +70°C, as well as for 
the extended operating temperature range of -40°C ~ +85°C for industrial applications.

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Johanson has expanded our range of industrial rated high voltage capacitors to include a new series of 6KV units.

All components in this series are 100% Green and RoHS compatible and are available with Polyterm flexible terminations which protect against PCB flexure failures.

Applications include:
Analog & Digital Modems 
Lighting Ballast Circuits 
DC-DC Converters
LAN/WAN Interface
Voltage Multipliers
Back-lighting Inverters

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The CL1200 Series offers thru-hole, right angle and surface mount terminal options with a choice of round and square cap styles, both of which are available with and without LED hole and complimentary optional frames. The extremely versatile CL 1200 provides design engineers with the choice of standard LED colors of red, green, yellow, blue, orange and white along with super bright colors of red, green and yellow. Bi-color choices make innumerable the combinations and applications for this popular switch. Non-lighted versions are also available with multiple cap and frame color combinations.

Specifications: Electrical rating is 50mA @ 48VDC. Electrical life is 100,000 cycles. Contact Resistance is <50m initial. Dielectric Strength is 500Vrms minimum with Insulation Resistance of >100M minimum. Actuation force is 160 ± 50gF with actuator travel of .25 ± .1mm. Operating and Storage Temperature is -40°C to 85°C.

Materials: RoHS Compliant. Actuator and housing of 6/6 Nylon. Cover is Polycarbonate. Contacts are silver-plated stainless steel and the terminals are silver-plated brass.
                                                                                            Lead-time averages 4 to 6 weeks. 
Typical applications of the CL1200 Series switch include telecommunications, instrumentation, Computer and computer peripherals, security, audio, test equipment and numerous others.

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Arch has announced a newAQF100C series High Efficiency 100 Watt Power Supplies in a small 2 x 4 package.

Compact Size in 4.1 x 2.05 x 0.98 inches 
  Package: Open Frame 
  Operating Temperature: -25~70 degrees 
  90~264 VAC Universal Input Range 
  High Efficiency up to 93% Typical 
  Active PFC Function, >0.95 (230Vac), >0.99 (115Vac) 
  100W Full Load at 50°C Under Free Air Convection 
  Low Leakage Current, <250uA 
  EN55022 Class B Meets (Pending) 
  Class I and Class II Construction 
  Continuous Short Circuit Protection with Hiccup Mode and Auto Recover 

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