In 2002, I started SIMPLE with a vision of always doing right by our customers. 


After working in various high level positions at major electronic distributors and manufacturers for many years and seeing the lack of product knowledge, customer service and building of long term relationships and the overall complicated way of doing business. I knew there had to be a better way and I set out to change all of that.


I felt then and still do today, that this is a SIMPLE business, where the customers could and should decide what was best for them and not have these archaic, behometh suppliers dictate to them, how the business works or how the customer should do business.


It was time to raise the bar and be the supplier that truly understood that each customer was different and that each product sold to those customers, at times, demanded different support is what SIMPLE was all about. 


My belief is that, if our customers know exactly what they want, at what cost and when they want it, so why not provide all of that. Pretty SIMPLE right...  


SIMPLE would always think outside the box, be flexible, treat people with respect and do everything in our power to go above and beyond to make their experience with us a SIMPLE and rewarding one.

To this day, SIMPLE, as a company, continues to enhance and improve the SIMPLE way of doing business.  It is what makes us different from all the others and has been the main reason for our oustanding growth and success.

So I invite you today to experience the SIMPLE way of doing business.



Jim Rosica

President / CEO


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